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The best and most expensive skis are of no use to you if they are not professionally serviced. Every year, our pros from the ski service centre take care of thousands of skis and ensure that they handle just like on the very first day. A service with Montana-Crystal Glide Finish has many benefits for skier. A ski that is freshly waxed, sharpened and polished shows completely different handling properties. It not only turns easier, but also glides significantly better on different snow conditions. In addition, a ski service significantly improves the edge grip on snow and ice, thus giving you more control of your winter sports equipment.

Benefits of getting your skis serviced at Sport Adler in Ischgl

  • Skis/board turn better 
  • Clearly less effort is required
  • Optimal edge grip and thus good control of your skis or your board
  • Improved gliding properties for all snow conditions
  • More safety and the grip on ice

Express Service

  • Melt on the coating
  • Planing
  • Waxing
  • Polishing

Full Service

  • Melt on the coating
  • Planing
  • Diamond sanding
  • Edge tuning
  • Waxing
  • Polishing 

Service prices

  Ski Snowboard
Waxing 10,- 14,-
Express Service 29,- 35,-
Full Service 39,- 45,-

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